Defending Against Internet Crimes

Increases in the use of the internet by people from all walks of life have also resulted in an increase of alleged crimes involving the internet. The government devotes significant resources to battling criminal activity on the internet, and many people have unwittingly found themselves ensnared in a government investigation. If you have been accused of or even under investigation for a crime involving the use of a computer, you need experienced legal counsel on your side.

At the Dallas law offices of D. Mark Elliston, Attorney at Law, we have more than 40 years of criminal law experience. Our defense lawyer is also a former Texas prosecutor who understands how the other side works. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 469-914-8957.

We Handle State And Federal Charges

We defend against all alleged internet crimes, including:

  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Hacking
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Possession of child pornography

Because these types of cases often involve the transmission of data across state lines, an accused individual may find himself or herself charged with a federal crime. The federal criminal justice system differs significantly from the state court system, and the stakes are often higher. It is essential that you seek help from an attorney who is familiar with federal cases and who knows how to build a defense against federal charges.

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